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Out of Respect for Tarzan . . . . .


As many have noticed, my Tarzan news and commentary has been becoming more frequent as we get closer to the release of Legend of Tarzan — but Tarzan is living like a squatter on The John Carter Files, in the process taking over JC’s pad and causing Captain Carter to all but disappear from his own address. So . . . to correct this problem . . . . starting today Tarzan has his own address here at, which will be a home for articles about the history of Tarzan in books and movies, and news about the upcoming Legend of Tarzan movie. You can toggle back and forth between The Tarzan Files and The John Carter Files using the navigation button in the left corner of the navigation menu…..

As we get busier with Tarzan commentary and history in the run-up to the release of Legend of Tarzan, I feel much better with Lord Greystoke having his own address . . . .


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