• Judging from the number of blond Tarzan’s there have been, no one seems to have been too interested in getting his hair color to match with the ERB image of a black haired Tarzan. Could it be that black haired actors/ athletes just did not have the necessary physique? and the ones with the acceptable physique looked just awful with dyed black hair ? (which is admittedly an extremely difficult color to dye correctly). Even early internet critics of Skarsgard for the role didn’t mention his blond hair. It was more about his ,very lean although well muscled physique described by the objectors as ” too skinny”. I guess they never heard about the intense physical training many actors have had to go through for their muscle bound look in movies such as Superman,Thor, Captain America ,Magic Mike ,Gaurdians of the Galaxy etc.They must think these guys are just naturally this way.

  • I’m all for being “faithful to the original” but not so slavishly as to disqualify actors on the basis of hair color and eye color. I mean . . . come on. But there are plenty of readers who seem to create such a literal image in their minds that they can’t shake that image, and it just won’t work for them when the screen image doesn’t match the one in their head.

    In a larger sense, I guess this is just an extreme form of the problem that all readers of books face when they see a movie adaptation of it. The movie in their mind doesn’t match the one on the screen.

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