WB Launches “The Tarzan Challenge” — a Six Week Fitness Challenge

ERBDOM, Legend of Tarzan (Movie)

From the Legend of Tarzan Facebook page and Twitter Account, a promotion.  Here is the tweet.  No details yet, just this.

Well, they’re doing something. Maybe there will be more tomorrow.

UPDATE: It’s tomorrow and there is a video. 2,250 views so far. Interesting comments on YouTube.

Also this link for “Legend of Tarzan Chili Mango Chicken” Recipe.


  • I didn’t want to put anything negative in the post itself. But . . . really? I’m not sure this passes the “cool” test. It feels like something Disney would do. Maybe it will get better tomorrow.

  • I’ve nothing against something cute like this, it’s all fun.


    Ugh, they’re not even hashtagging it well. Just #TarzanChallenge, not #fitness #diet #workout#jungle#movies#healthyliving

    I was hoping May would be when the promotion heat is turned up. To an extent, that’s happened, and we’ve been getting a steady stream of new stills and tumblr posts. But…no clips or interviews? No BTS features? It’s almost June, dammit.

    • This is my issue with it as well, it’s fine as part of a greater whole of the marketing campaign. But there doesn’t seem to be a greater whole of the marketing campaign right now. And it seems to be haphazard and not very well coordinated with Men’s Health, which I’m presuming will be featuring Alex in an upcoming issue.

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