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Another Legend of Tarzan Poster (2nd One Today)!

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This is similar (but not really) to the one released earlier today. Here it is again, full-size.  This is good– although not as interesting to me as the earlier one today, with Jane and the apes.  In both of these they have Skarsgard’s abs partially covered by his hand or, in the case of the other one, by an ape, and I think that’s good.  I like the title treatment in this, and kinda nasty, animalistic look on Skarsgard’s face.  I give it a B+ and am pretty happy with it.


UPDATE: So, I’m told that for people who view the post on their phone or through the email feed, the featured image doesn’t show — meaning the poster, which is the featured image, doesn’t show up. So here it is again for those who aren’t seeing it.
LOT Alt Poster


  • Yes,this poster is good with a fierce do Tarzan and fierce apes ,highlighting different muscles other than his abs and I see, he is carrying his trusty knife in his right hand. Glad to see .tarzan will have his knife. I like the one with Jane better too but this is cool. Glad to see more promo being done.

    I understand from another site that there have been TV spots running with Dancing With the Stars and The Voice. Also the Tarzan Challenge on Facebook has a special diet with recipes via chefd.com which is connected to Men’s Health. .

  • Mid-week seems to be WB’s favorite for releasing stuff for this movie. They released the first trailer on a Wednesday and second one on a Thursday. I think we can expect something similar this week as well (well, I hope so anyway).

    • I think so. And the central struggle of Tarzan’s character in the movie (and the books of course) is that. So I think it’s pretty good in that it implies that struggle — and that struggle is really there in the movie.

  • I did an informal poll with my students at the end of class today to see which poster was more popular. I pointed out the older poster that I had just posted on my wall. I then, with my overhead projector and the front lights off, showed the Jane poster and there were a few ahhs but when I showed the Tarzan charging poster, in every class, there was a small eruption. They really liked this one from above. I asked for a raise of hands of which was their favorite. I’d say this Tarzan charging with the Mangani was favored 5 to 1, with a majority of girls liking the poster with Jane. I had one astute young lady point out that this isn’t really a poster. It’s more of a banner which I completely agree. I pray they have both prominently displayed at my local theater this weekend.

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