New Tarzan Poster

New Legend of Tarzan Poster Is a Big Step Forward

Legend of Tarzan (Movie)

Finally, they put Jane on the poster and created something that is genuinely intriguing. I think this is a great poster — much better than either of the previous two. First of all — it’s got Jane in it, looking like a partner. Second, it implies interesting relationships which is something that a good poster does — Tarzan with the Apes, Tarzan with Jane, Jane with Tarzan, and (for the first time) Jane with the apes. …..And I like the dark palette. . . . . not grim, but “weighty” . . . . Kudos to Warner Bros. for coming up with this one. Very encouraging.

Here’s the tweet from WB UK where I first found it.


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  • They need to use this one in all the theaters when they send out their big posters for the main lobby, In fact they need to use this one in all future pr when a postervis required. Much better as you said,

  • Agree 100%. Not that the others were terrible, but this does tell an intriguing story. One observation, Tarzan is standing in front of Jane as if protecting her, but at the same time she looks just as pissed as he does and ready for a fight. No damsel here.

  • My only problem with this one is that it looks a bit obviously airbrushed/photoshopped, especially Margot Robbie.

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