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New Legend of Tarzan TV Spot “John Clayton” — Tarzan Speaks!

Legend of Tarzan (Movie)

New 30 second Legend of Tarzan TV Spot is just out. I wonder what people think. It’s notable mainly for the fact that Tarzan speaks for the first time in any of the trailers or TV spots.  There is no Jane.  I will give my reaction in the comments section.


  • For what it’s worth, my reaction to this is almost completely “meh” . . . . compared to the other trailers and TV spots its just kind of there. I wonder if I’m being too hard on it. I hope so.

  • What I like about it is that there is no narration. I rather liked hearing the baby and hearing Kala. They then juxtaposed “I’m John Clayton, the third” to “You are Tarzan”…maybe a way of introducing the duality and the conflict. Not one of my favorites out the gate, outside of hearing Tarzan finally speak, but it made me want more.

    • Yeah, you’re right. At the tree. I hope so. Just not feeling it for this one. I will give myself a pep talk.

  • I liked it. It’s not emphasizing the action as much as the others and that’s probably why it’s not as thrilling. It’s not going over new territory regarding the story line either,which is a good thing snce it is not giving too much away. And yes,the juxtaposition of cultured John Clayton with William’s grand identification of him as Tarzan followed by shots of vine swinging Tarzan do emphasize his duality.

    Although ,not as adrenalin fueled as previous videos,It is doing something important,in the brief flashes it gives. It emphasizes that Tarzan is indeed Lord Greystoke. He is a sophisticated cultured man,evidenced by his identification of himself as John Clayton III ,said in a genteel English accent. Even the grand expansive identification of him as Tarzan is made in England by a buttoned up well dressed Williams and yes we get a glimpse of Jane and John Clayton by the tree. It’s not till the end of the clip that we see vine swinging Tarzan. I think this clip goes a long way towards straightening out the heads of many who are puzzled by a clean shaven, non tangled hair or non dreads Tarzan who is not illiterate. You know ,the ones who refuse to read the synopsis of what the story is about and who multiply like rabbits thinking this is an origin story.

    I think the expectation for this brief spot was that for those who haven’t seen the two trailers or other brief TV spots ,It would make them want see more and they would be curious enough to access the lOT Facebook page or You Tube videos. For those who have seen all or some of the videos it fills in some blank spots,the biggest of which is ” Tarzan speaks “.

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