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Legend of Tarzan 60 Second TV Spot — More New Footage

Legend of Tarzan (Movie)

As with the IMAX trailer, this is basically a longer version of a previously released 30 second spot. Still, there are bits and pieces of image and dialogue here that we haven’t seen. I’m trying to find a way to embed it but for now, it’s exclusive, apparently, to Popsugar so go there and check it out.


  • There’s a great shot of the elephants. Rom pointing a gun at someone (possibly Washington-Williams?) and an extended view of that great image of the mangani jumping down and roaring. I think the chase between young Tarzan and Kerchak looks really promising, great camerawork.

  • I like this very much. I think they made a great decision to use Jane as the voice over on all these trailers.

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