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Legend of Tarzan: WB Announces July 19 China Release Date

Legend of Tarzan (Movie)

If you spend time hanging on one Weibo, a Chinese social media site, maybe you noticed today that Warner Brothers announced there (on,  that is) that Legend of Tarzan will open July 19th in China. That was a missing piece of the release puzzle — but no more.  The film will screen in 3D, IMAX 3D, and China Film Giant Screen formats.

Last week WB had Skarsgard do a video for the Chinese market — evidently a warm-up for today’s announcement.

“Hello China. I’m Alexander Skarsgård, and I play Tarzan in the new film The Legend of Tarzan, which is packed with action, adventure and romance,” the Swedish actor said in the video.

“Stay tuned for more updates by following the official Warner Bros. Weibo and WeChat pages. Happy Dragon Boat Festival.”

As part of their marketing push, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow, and the filmmakers and stars of The Legend of Tarzanannounced they would be teaming up with international NGO Stop Ivory in early June.

That decision could also boost its marketing efforts in China, where a ban on the ivory trade has become a clear priority of the government. Read more  from China Film Insider.


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