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Legend of Tarzan Producer David Barron Interviewed in Collider

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Amidst all the set visit stories that involved interviews with Alexander Skarsgard and David Yates — there’s a new one out which is built on an interview of producer David Barron.   Here’s a little bit of it, and a link:

Can you talk a little bit about the development of the movie? There’s been reports about the two parallel scripts and things like that. 

DAVID BARRON: Unfortunately I can’t because I wasn’t involved in the early development. I’ve worked a lot with David in the past and he asked me to come and work on Tarzan with him but I was working with Kenneth Branagh on Jack Ryan and then Cinderella which we’re still finishing off. And luckily for me David didn’t manage to get all the stars to collide at the same time in terms of his financing, logistics of the film, budgeting and the other logistics of the film, the cast, and getting the script finalized, before I finished filming Cinderella. So three days after I finished shooting I came over here and started prepping Tarzan, putting it together so unfortunately the early days of development are not something I can talk with any authority about.

Can you talk about how much of the script comes from Burroughs and how much is created out of whole cloth?

BARRON: None of it comes from Burroughs. It’s an original script that Craig Brewer and Adam Cozad, somewhere in there, I’m not quite sure, who contributed the most at the beginning. But Adam has taken over in the last two or three years. It’s majority his work now. It’s based on the character obviously, of Tarzan, it’s Edgar Rice Burrough’s Tarzan but it’s a completely original story.

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