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Advance Tickets to Legend of Tarzan Are Now on Sale


We’re getting closer and closer to release — and one evidence of that is the fact that Legend of Tarzan tickets went on sale today.  Buy your tickets in advance, as at some point the advance ticket sales will become part of the story for the film’s prospects . . . .

There are previews starting at 6pm on Thursday night, June 30……

Legend of Tarzan on Fandango

Arclight Cinemas  (where it’s booked on the Cineramadome)




  • So happy. My closest IMAX theater finally showed up on Fandango. Someone asleep at the switch again. The first few days they said tickets went on sail only 6 or 8 theaters in a 30 mile radius showed up. None of them theaters that I frequent regularly, but low and behold all my theaters are there today. Had my choice of seats. Not to many crazies like me out there ; )

  • I have my tickets for the 6:00pm showing on June 30th. Waiting to see the IMAX schedule for July 1st. I’m excited to see it!

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