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Legend of Tarzan Soundtrack Now Available From Amazon

ERBDOM, Legend of Tarzan (Movie)

The Legend of Tarzan motion picture soundtrack album by composer Rupert Gregson-Williams has just gone live on Amazon, where you can buy it or preview the tracks.

Legend of Tarzan Motion Picture Soundtrack from Amazon

Here are the tracks  — MINOR SPOILER ALERT

1 3:28
2 4:50
3 1:44
4 2:40
5 2:46
6 4:01
7 2:40
8 3:39
9 4:41
10 2:16
11 2:11
12 2:17
13 3:12
14 2:44
15 2:41
16 5:15
17 2:29
18 4:04
19 4:33
20 3:10
21 2:36
22 3:23




  • I’ve listened to it. I think it’s nice, but not great. I really liked Opar, Legend of Tarzan, Catching the Train, Kala’s Death, and Stampede. I think it’ll play better in the movie because I think pretty much all the tracks are decent at least and I’m glad that Hans Zimmer wasn’t heavily involved in this, but I think it lacks distinctly identifiable themes and I wish it sounded a little more African as well, something akin to the Blood Diamond score perhaps.

    • I think it’s quite emotional — resonates for me a lot better than Michael Giacchino’s score for John Carter did. It’s making me wonder if the movie can really actually deliver an emotional wallop. No one is exactly saying that it does — not Yates, for example, who says: “I just liked the idea of a really old-fashioned and joyful, romantic action-adventure picture. . . ” — so “romantic” is in there, but it still sounds relatively light-weight. It would be interesting if there was more depth there than advertised, or at least more bona-fide romantic pull. Generating an unexpected emotional response in moviegoers can sometimes cause special things to happen . . . .I’m thinking of something like The Blind Side, which started at $34M which would normally project to a domestic total of less than $100m — but which went on to $255M on the strength of the emotional connection is created with audiences. Could Legend of Tarzan unexpectedly do that? No one out there is really expecting it to . . . .

      • Oh I definitely think it’s better than the John Carter score. I don’t think Michael Giacchino is a particularly good composer tbh. He’s done a few good scores but his work for the most part lacks emotion and depth. I think this score definitely has some good emotional tracks. I especially like the main theme as heard in “Legend of Tarzan” which I think is beautiful and I think that theme is decently developed throughout the album. “Tarzan and Jane” is a lovely, subdued track, which I think may play over the love scene.

  • Glad to see that the story line involves Opar. I thought the music was lush, and very romantic and emotional. Seems they’
    re going a little deep in this version, which might not be a bad thing. Except I don’t know why movie composers these days have to make every score for a film set in Africa sound like the Lion King. I would have liked to have heard more African instrumentation. Henry Mancini’s Hatari remains the best in that regard. Could have used more kalimba.

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