• Well,at least he got to say more about the movie than just his training program and Margot hitting him in the sex scene. It’s good to continue to get the word out there that this is not the origin story.

  • I thought it went well except for the awkward moment when she asked about the ruff sex. The look on Alex’s face was like I can’t believe she went there on Good Morning America. I don’t know but that’s how I took it.

    • I took his look to be more like” are we going there again? Let’s talk about something else.” He has been asked a lot about his nudity and or sex scenes in movies and on TB and is not disturbed if it’s on a daytime or nighttime talk show. As long as it’s something that was part of the script or the acting job and his interviewer is not acting like a simpering teeny bop ,he’s cool about it and answers as an actor tackling a role. But this is about Margot Robbie.personally, ( after they already made a big deal about her auditioning slap with Decaprio) and people are tuning it into something it was never intended to be. I think this is what he finds distasteful and discomfiting. Also,he wants to talk about the film and the his cast mates and the grat job he thinks they did. He’s big on sharing credit.

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