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Legend of Tarzan: Deadline Hollywood Review

Legend of Tarzan (Movie), Legend of Tarzan Reviews

Deadline Hollywood, often a pretty hostile place, has reviewed Legend of Tarzan favorably and seems to get what David Yates was going for.  Here are some highlights and a link.  Go leave a comment!

In addition to high adventure, this version does really focus on the unique love story between Tarzan and Jane. Yates has brought a nice fresh perspective to the tale and benefited greatly from being able to stage thrilling action scenes like no other Tarzan that has come before. Robbie is the perfect Jane to Skarsgard’s perfectly cast Tarzan. He certainly looks the part, perhaps coming closest in that department to Ron Ely’s muscular, lean and model-looking Tarzan of the 1960s NBC TV series. Skarsgard can really act though. Waltz is my only problem here: He has played so many villains of late that there is no real surprise factor that he turns out to be the bad guy. You know from the first moment he walks into frame, and that leads to some predictability in the proceedings. But that is really a minor quibble in such a fine-looking, old-fashioned fun adventure as this one. Whether modern audiences will respond is another question, but there is a reason Tarzan endures and in 3D and Imax he is bigger and better than ever.

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