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Legend of Tarzan: Early IMDB User Ratings Give LOT 7.9; Women Love It

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The early IMDB User Ratings for Legend of Tarzan have it at 7.9.  Here’s the basic breakdown based on the first 424 votes, coming from people who have seen preview screenings.

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More interesting, perhaps, is the demographic breakdown below:

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Note all the long red lines denoting that thus far, it’s skewing female and is a big hit with that demo.  With females age 45+, for example — 9 out of 9 have given it a 10 rating.  In all categories, females are rating it higher than males.

Interesting and a little surprising — Males age 45+ have it only at 6.7, thus a huge gap in that category with females at 10.0.

Overall, males are at 7.4 and females are at 9.1.

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