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A Review
Martin Powell

I don’t remember ever being introduced to Tarzan of the Apes. Seems that I’ve known him all my life, probably from watching the old movies on TV and looking at my older brothers’ comics long before I could read. Tarzan has always been there. When I discovered the novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs at age 13, I encountered a more complex, far more fascinating hero than was ever shown in the comic pages or on the screen.

Until now.

Warner’s THE LEGEND OF TARZAN presents the truest portrayal of Tarzan ever depicted by Hollywood. He’s intelligent, charismatic, and savage. Burroughs would be very satisfied, I think, and members of his family have told me that they are delighted with the new film. It’s elegant, dangerous atmosphere and thrilling special effects are absolutely mesmerizing (the Mangani apes, especially Tarzan’s foster mother Kala, are wonderfully realized and purposely described as *not* being gorillas). This is not only a lavishly produced action-epic, but also a sentimental adventure as Tarzan and Jane return to the jungle to face a relentless evil.

As a Tarzan writer, and as a lifelong fan, I absolutely loved it. This is the best Tarzan movie ever made, by far. Five Stars. Highly recommended.

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  • Thanks Martin for sharing your glowing review with us! Keeping my fingers crossed for a successful opening weekend for LOT. 🙂

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