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The Story Behind the UK Steam Engine that Played the Role of the Train in Legend of Tarzan

Legend of Tarzan (Movie)

East Anglian Daily Times | A small village on the Suffolk/Norfolk border has played its part in a big-budget blockbuster movie.

Bressingham Steam and Gardens’ Norwegian locomotive King Haakon is back on display in the village’s museum after undergoing a cosmetic transformation to be part of The Legend of Tarzan, which is released in cinemas on July 6.

Phillip Rooke, from the museum, said Warner Brothers had been looking up and down the country before it found the loco it was after.

He said: “They gave us a phone call and a couple of visits. More and more people came and at the end we got the contract.

“They wanted a loco, something that would’ve looked like it 
would have run in Africa and the Congo.”

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