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Legend of Tarzan Cast Answer Question: Are Tarzan Stories Inherently Racist?

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Very interesting — a UK interviewer asks the same question of all the cast members. It’s interesting to see how they respond. The question is posed succinctly, and fairly:  “The heart of the Tarzan story seems to perpetuate this idea of a white man bringing hope to the dark continent. Is this not an outdated idea?” See their responses.

What do you think?  I think they could have used some talking points.


    • Yeah, but man …. if it were my movie I guarantee you they’d be all loaded up with answers for that one. It didn’t exactly come out of left field. Oh well, gives us more to talk about. 😉

  • Yes, they certainly could have used some talking points. They act like the question took them by surprise and they weren’t expecting it. Interesting.

  • I’m surprised that they weren’t well-prepared for that question, especially in light of the negative backlash in the reviews. I can’t imagine that no one thought that question would come up, but apparently they didn’t. Surprising and disappointing, as I think it would’ve been an opportunity to start a counter narrative with everyone involved in making the movie. Of course, it’s not too late; hopefully, they’ve remedied this. 🙂

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