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Legend of Tarzan: Skarsgard Wasn’t the Only One With Diet Issues

Legend of Tarzan (Movie), Legend of Tarzan Box Office

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As a story that has been told approximately 200 times over the last 100 years, the Warner Bros. Pictures drama, “The Legend of Tarzan,” which opened domestically on July 1, 2016 really needed something different to set itself apart.

While “Tarzan” opened to low expectations due to it’s rumored $180 million dollar mark price tag, the movie surprised most movie professionals by outperforming all estimates with a strong opening weekend coming in second to “Finding Dory” and beating “The Purge: Election Year”by a solid margin.

While “Tarzan” still has some serious work to do overseas in order to recoup the sizeable budget that made it possible, to it’s credit the movie has attempted to make some real strides in regards to Samuel L. Jackson’s character and not re-branding Tarzan as yet another reincarnation of  Africa’s “Great White Hope.”

No question, the very fictional Tarzan, as played by Alexander Skarsgard, is still the unmitigated star of “The Legend of Tarzan.”

However, Samuel L. Jackson’s co- starring role as the historically real George Washington Williams, one of the world’s first African American activists for the fair treatment of all Africans in the Congo, is a welcome inclusion to the latest revamp of this American classic.

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