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Legend of Tarzan Logs $11.1M Weekend; US Total Now $103.5M; Global Total $194M

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Legend of Tarzan is in with an 11.1M third weekend, bringing its domestic total to$103.5M.  Meanwhile, new foreign numbers are in with foreign at $90.6M through July 17.  Next big milestone in the rollout is July 19, when LOT is released in China.

Legend of Tarzan also passed Independence Day Resurgence this weekend — IDR stands at $98.5M after the weekend, and is one week deeper into its run than Legend of Tarzan.

Here’s the foreign update from Deadline:

Italy, the Nordics and the completion of Euro 2016 soccer action helped the Warner Bros’ pic swing to another $22M on 8,600 screens in 55 markets. The international total for the update on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic character is $90.6M. Italypounded out a No. 1 start at $1.6M on 550 screens while the Nordics generated a collective $4.5M. Star Alexander Skarsgard hails from Sweden and did a local promotional push there which helped the market ape out to a $2.2M start on 283 screens.

Despite the tragedy in Nice at the beginning of the weekend, France dropped just 4% on the film as folks sought escapist distractions. The cume there is $6.3M. The lead market is Mexico at $9.3M followed by the UK at $8.8M; Russia with $7.6M; France; Australia ($6.2M) and Korea ($6.1M).

Tarzan gets a special treat this week when he swings into a rare July slot for a Hollywood film in China on Tuesday. Brazil and Spain also open this week.


  • I’m glad to see that it’s passed 100 million in the US. I spent some time this weekend reading the Box Office Theory thread on the first weekend (it was either that or clean my kitchen! 🙂 ) and even through that first Saturday there were quite a few commenters who were insisting that LOT would never break 50 million domestically.
    I am surprised by what still seem to be low numbers for overseas markets, I’d have though it be higher by now.

  • I am really confused about the budget numbers I am seeing. I work with investments so I tend to look at numbers but I have no experience in the movie industry to know how the studios calculate costs for a particular project. I have seen on other boards that the original production budget posted on IMDB was $90 million. Then a hostile article came out from the Hollywood Reporter which gave the budget as $180 million, and this seems to have become the accepted figure … Except no one seems to know whether that $180 number included the expected costs for marketing and distribution. And no one seems to know if the original IMDB number of $90 million was net after deducting a UK rebate of $30 million, or whether that is an actual real number, or how such rebates get figured into the bottom line. I would love to see this movie be successful. I personally loved the movie. At its current approx. $200 million worldwide gross, LOT is already more successful than many others – eg Tomorrowland, Jupiter Ascending, the infamous Pan, also more recent ones In the Heart of the Sea budget $100 million ww gross $94 million or Gods of Egypt budget $140 m ww gross $145 m. So I am just at a loss here to figure out how to figure it out. Any one out there understand these various numbers better? And will anyone other than Warner Bros accountant ever really know?

  • A poster at Box Office Theory Forum said that they expect 6 million opening + OD in China today.
    Hope LOT does an amazing job in China and South America. Alexander is very popular there, so it could really help.

    • i look at other recently released big budget films and it appears the losses on them are astronomical so I must be missing something in how this industry works. I am going to try to follow Ghostbusters to see how their numbers stack up. In the meantime, yes, I agree with you and hope China provides a big boost. Wouldn’t it be really funny if, after all the smoke clears, LOT could post numbers that proved it was an undeniably successful film! i am rooting for it to do just that.

      • The good news is that LOT has certainly dodged the bullet of “massive flop” or even “flop” by any reasonable standard. Worst case, it looks like it will do 125M domestic and 200M foreign …. so at 325M with a presumed budget of 180M — that’s 1.8X — which is close enough to 2x to make it ‘not a flop’ by any reasonable assessment. Also …. one thing I didn’t mention — it’s an “evergreen” product that will will have a very, very long shelf life. It’s a period piece that will not look or feel dated anytime soon . . .

        The only way, though, that it can get to “undeniably successful” level is if China comes in big. China is capable of delivering big numbers, and LOT has been given a primetime midsummer release date — something that China does not normally do. (The period from June 20 to early August is usually reserved for domestic films) ….. and the fact that WB has it opening on a Tuesday is a release pattern that gives it what amounts to a 6 day opening “weekend” ….. indicates they are hoping for something special. Skargard and Robbie went to China to stir up interest, and there is a special Dolby promotion there. But …. Chinese box office has been sluggish in the second quarter after a massive first quarter. But I’m dreaming of $100M from China ….. that would do it.

        • I just took a quick look at foreign results on box office mojo, but nothing there yet for China. I did notice that they are behind on updating the other results for several countries, including France, UK (they are still at 7/10 numbers) plus Some significant markets not yet listed like Spain, Germany, Japan. Maybe it hasn’t been released in those yet. Even without China or missing markets, looks to me like updating remaining countries with results already known, should bring it to over $200 million worldwide as of now.

        • Yes, good point that LOT has great ‘backlist’ potential to borrow a publishing term. It will not be dated in a few years. Will be one of those classic movies. I wonder when the first China numbers will come out?

  • No idea how legit this is (from Box Office Theory), but figured I’d share.


    Tarzan midnights 1.3M

    Tuesday presales
    Tarzan 2.55M

    Tuesday est
    Tarzan 45m/46.6m
    Cold War – 14.5M/609m
    When Larry Met Mary – 13.4m/142m
    Big Fish – 13.2m/491m
    Never Gone -5.1m/320m
    Turtles – 1.65M/389M

    Wednesday est
    Tarzan 35.8m/82.8m
    Cold War – 12.8M/621m
    When Larry Met Mary – 11m/153m
    Big Fish – 11.4m/502.5m
    Never Gone -5.1m/326m
    Turtles – 1.4M/389.5M
    Skiptrace 3M midnights

    Looks like a 25% drop for Tarzan today. Maybe a bit more.
    look for 33-34mill and a 80 mill total in 2 days

    (later post by fmpro)
    Evening were strong and around 36 mill should be the number for Tarzan. That only a 20% drop from OD..
    That must be pretty good

      • Yes, sorry….completely forgot to mention that — it’s China. 🙂

        if the numbers hold true, 82.8M for 2 days seems pretty good to me. If these numbers are, indeed, considered good, hopefully, it’ll have the same legs in China as it’s had in the US — meaning outperforming. Fingers crossed!

        • Thanks Lindie. China. 82.8 million in 2 days. If I’m dreaming, don’t pinch me, I want to enjoy this for a while.

  • Uh oh, these aren’t US dollars numbers. Still a good showing for the film as it was apparently number one for a couple days there, but not quite the grand slam home run I was thinking it was

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