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Source: Legend of Tarzan at 102M Yuan ($15.3M) after Tue-Th China Opening (Updates)

Legend of Tarzan (Movie), Legend of Tarzan Box Office

UPDATE Thursday 7:23AM:   It’s Thursday night in Beijing and there is a new report showing that Legend of Tarzan is now at Y102M ($15.3) after Tue-Th opening.  It now faces the new Jackie Chan movie opening on Friday,and the chatter is that it may or may not get a weekend bump.

Here is the raw report. As noted yesterday, the source is a Beijing based contributor to Box Office Theory who is generally considered highly reliable and has posted more than 17,000 updates since 2012. He posts China Box Office daily at the end of the day.

Thursday Report (Figures in Yuan  — 1 Yuan =  .015 USD)

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Here is a raw report from a source at Box Office Theory which is reporting that Legend of Tarzan opened at 82.8M Yuan which is $12.42M US for its Tuesday/Wednesday opening.  (Note: An earlier version of this post did not convert to USD.)  Prior to the opening, the chatter among China box office watchers was that it would open at about 30M Yuan and thus the 46M opening was substantially higher than expected.   Then they were expecting a 35% drop for day 2, but it only dropped 20%.  So those are some favorable signs.

Here is the report from Box Office Theory. The source is someone who reports daily on China Box Office; has filed 17, 900 reports; and is rated as very reliable.

Tuesday Report (Figures are in Yuan which is .15 Yuan per 1$)

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Wednesday Report
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Here is the link to the  Report on Box Office Theory

So … that’s 82.8M Yuan for Tuesday and Wednesday.  (There is 1.5M in Monday night previews included in the Tuesday 46.6M.)

In dollars — that is $12.42M for the Tue/Wed start.


Will analyze this and add more tomorrow.


  • So how does that translate against other properties released in China? Is it in the ballpark of some of the successful movies?

    • Yes but it’s hard to index it because all the other ones opened on a Friday and LOT is opening on a Tuesday. We have to see how it does through the weekend. On Friday a new Jackie Chan movie opens so that’s pretty big competition and may be why they opened on Tuesday. We have to wait and see.

  • Well, I liked the numbers better when I thought they were dollars, but $15 million in 3 days is still a nice take. I looked at Huntsman Winters War for a comparison of a fairly similar recent film and it got $16.28 million after opening slightly lower with $10.5 so LOT already beat the opening number and ought to beat the $16.28 gross then too. I will hope for double that number for LOT. We were all hoping for that million number… And we got it, but not in dollars. We apparently need to be more specific in our wishes. I don’t see Germany or Japan listed yet in foreign release info, does anyone know if it has been released there yet? The countries and respective totals listed don’t add up to the foreign gross total they show so there must be other countries not on the list but contributing to the total. Anyone know more about that?

  • No numbers for any of Western Balkan countries yet. Only Slovenia is listed. The movie was released simultaneously on July 7 in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia (Serbia is not even listed on IMDb). Sure, this region may not be a particularly big (or attractive) market, but still, some numbers should be on BOM after 15 days.

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