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June 2016 Marketing of Legend of Tarzan

Let's move the marketing discussion to this thread starting on June 1. It will make it easier to dig up info later.....thanks!

The first episode of Roots on 5/30 ran the "Evil" trailer.  The second episode on 5/31 showed the other trailer.  This is on History Channel.

My students reported seeing the trailer on Hulu last night and ESPN this morning.

I think Roots is a good venue but I'm not sure what kind of ratings they are getting with that . . . .

THR states that it has 5.3 mil viewers which makes it the most watched mini series opener since The Bibke in 2023. Also, they talk about the stiff competition with it being a holiday and the game. So, it's doing pretty well for viewers ,all things considered.

Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan is featured oh the cover # 4 of Virtigo Film magazine . There are 8 covers and Margot Robbie as Harley  Quinn is on cover # 8.

Also 'the State of Origin rugby league last night in Australia( HUGE audience) was " brought to you by The Legend of Tarzan"and a quick flas of the poster.



Hey, I just discovered that on Rotten Tomatoes, when you put "Legend of Tarzan" in the search box, when it comes up -- the three names listed under the title are Jim Broadbent, Tony Ludwig, and Craig Brewer. WTF? It should be, per contract, the top three billed actors who are, in order: Alexander Skarsgard, Samuel L. Jackson, Margot Robbie.


But ....I sent them an email request to change it.  Anybody else who feels like telling them the same thing . . .  here is the link

Just make sure and give them the right three names int he right order -- Skarsgard, Jackson, Robbie

Another promotional event.  Apparently, they created a "Tarzan Garden",

This thread on Reddit is shit - which is weird because the trailer threads were much better, but the comments here are pure shit. However, I did find this comment buried deep in there. As you can see, I have asked this person if they could tell us more:

The script is very good. I was a bit worried when stories about the director's time frame hit, but the most recent test screenings have been pretty stellar. The movie is supposed to be surprisingly great.

I really hope it does well enough. I don't think this is Pan. I think it's a movie made by people who genuinely love the source content and capitalized upon it.

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