Help Build the Legend of Tarzan Files Media List (or sign up for it)

Legend of Tarzan (Movie)

Here is a form which I am using to build a Legend of Tarzan media list. The idea is to have a list of all bloggers, journalists, etc who have written about Legend of Tarzan so that as things move forward, it will be possible to reach out to them with news, tweets, etc. So first of all, if you’re a blogger or journalist and want to keep updated, please fill out he form and be assured I won’t flood you with spam.

Beyond that, many of the outlets covering this movie (and other movies) provide contact info for the journalist or blogger writing the story. There’s almost always a Twitter account, and sometime email. So I would like to build a database so that later on, when there is news to report, we’ll have the means to report it.

So, if you’d like to help get the infrastructure in place so I can do this — just help gather the info from any articles you see, and enter it in here. Don’t worry about duplications, I will weed those out.

Nothing like a little grassroots/netroots PR . . . .

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