Sleeping Giant: “Riding a Hot Trailer, Tarzan Swings Back Into Movies”

Legend of Tarzan (Movie), The Tarzan Files

Kirsten Smith has written a very nice article that includes quotes from Jim Sullos at Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, or so the story goes. It’s especially true of film trailers, especially for highly-anticipated films. A good reception for a trailer can generate buzz that money can’t buy. A poor reception can deal a fatal blow to a film.

Witness the recent unveiling of the “Star Trek Beyond” trailer, which had many of the Trek faithful howling in indignation. Director Jeremy Lin and actor/co-writer Simon Pegg made public statements to quell the outrage, asking for audience patience.

The other side of that coin is the initial trailer for “The Legend of Tarzan,” the Warner Bros. reboot of the Lord of the Jungle’s franchise due in July. If social media is any indication, the Tarzan trailer met with broad enthusiasm, hinting that a century-old fictional icon may still have the power to move audiences.

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By the way, the Legend of Tarzan Teaser Trailer just reached 19M views.  If you’ve been following along — you know that LOT did 6m views in its first 48 hours compared to 13 m by Independence Day Resurgence in its first 48 hours.  Since that time LOT has been gaining steadily, not only on IDR, but also Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows — whose trailer was released on the same day as LOT.

Just prior the Super Bowl on Feb 7, this is how the three stacked up:

18.3M — TMNT
19.1M — IDR
17.6M — LOT

Then, both of the other two movies did Super Bowl ads at a cost of a smooth $5m.  So where do they stand today?

19.6 — TMNT
19.5 — IDR
19.0 — LOT


So here are the views since the Super Bowl — and remember, LOT is the only one that didn’t spend $5m on a Super Bowl Ad.

1,300,000 — TMNT
1,,400,000 — LOT

Not bad . . . .


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