• I think he is wearing a loincloth in image 7 because this may be a younger Tarzan in this scene. They do have a flashback(s) to a younger Tarzan ,in his late teens when he met Jane. This may be fron that flashback. Thanks for these inages,Michael. It’s easier to lock in on the emoticon moments as well as appreciate the cinematography.. I liked the second trailer- a lot. The first one was mostly action sequences but this one added emotional moments that make Tarzan more relatable and tug at the heartstrings. Even ferocious Tarzan evokes a certain resonance in the savage breast. Perhaps the next trailer will add some more of the subplots with Mbongo,Williams and those thousands of soldiers arriving by the boatload.

  • I don’t know. This trailer seems to also focus on action scenes. There’s no real sense of the story told. It’s even a bit misleading since it couid appear to be an origin story. The stampede scene is definitely the equivalent of John Carter’s “White Apes scene”, needless CGI. I expected a bit more from this one. Maybe later trailers will be clearer. Pacing-wise I preferred the teaser trailer but hey, it’s still interesting-looking, no doubt.

  • I wonder if the cliff at the beginning of the trailer isn’t equivalent to “the Escarpment” of Johnny Weissmuller’s movies. Also, there’s a frame that may be the death scene of Kala.

  • One thing I haven’t seen commented on very much anywhere – this film was shot almost entirely in studio and they only did some location filming in Gabon (I think it was mostly just background plates for the CGI using that new Shotover HYDRA camera system) but the jungle/forest in this movie looks really good, almost real, and it’s especially helped by the lighting and whatnot. I may be getting ahead of myself, but if this movie is successful, we could see Oscar nominations for best production design and maybe even cinematography.

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