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Amazing Stories: Will the Real Tarzan Please Stand Up

Legend of Tarzan (Movie), Tarzan and Hollywood

John M. Whelan has a nice post at entitled Will the Real Tarzan Please Stand Up which starts out with a pretty good summation of what fans of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan (as opposed to the movie version) are thinking:

The long-awaited “The Legend of Tarzan,” the latest film about Edgar Rice Burroughs Lord of the Jungle, will open in theaters this July. The multi-million dollar, CGI-special effects-laden extravaganza starring Alexander Skarsgard is getting good press so far. After preview trailers were released, even die-hard fans are saying it looks like Hollywood may finally have done justice to Burroughs’ creation. It’s been a pet peeve of the fans that the movies have always presented a dumbed-down version of the ape-man, compared to the character in the novels. They’re hoping that for the first time they may get to see the “real” Tarzan on screen. It’s a consummation devoutly to be wished, but the fact is, if “Legend” lives up to expectations, it wouldn’t really be the first time that a Tarzan movie got it right. There have been several films made over the years that have come pretty close.

It then goes on to take a look at many of the movie Tarzans, including 1935’s New Adventures of Tarzan starring Herman Brix, which Burroughs himself produced in Guatemala.

Thanks to Steve Davidson for flagging it for attention.  Give it a read here.

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