Yates, Robbie, Skarsgard

Flickering Myth: Yates, Skarsgard, and Robbie Presscon and Q and A

Legend of Tarzan (Movie)

There is a flurry of coverage coming out now about press conference and Q and A with David Yates, Alexander Skarsgard, and Margot Robbie in London today.  Flickering myth has a podcast of the audio from the press conference which you can listen to here.   Or you can go to Flickering Myth and read their full coverage of the event here. 

The FM article also contains a scene description that’s interesting and gives a hint at tone of the movie which is a little different than the trailers — i.e. lighter:

In the scenes we were shown, we see Tarzan as a young boy being rescued by a group of apes who take him in despite the reservations of one the tribes lead apes who sees him as an enemy. Later, we see Tarzan and George Washington Williams (Samuel L. Jackson), new compatriot of the vine-swinger, trying to catch up to a train full of generals and army men. “How do we catch a train going at 40mph?” says Williams. “Gravity” replies Tarzan as he jumps off a cliff face down hundreds of feet to the trees below as Williams eventually follows in an ungraceful manner.

(Thanks to SirDrewTheSomber for tipping us to this. All tips welcome.)


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