Margot Robbie R. U. Thirty

Legend of Tarzan’s Margot Robbie is Really 25, not 31. Really.

Legend of Tarzan (Movie)

So ya thought the uproar over Donald Trump impersonating himself was a big deal?  Ha!  Of far more global importance is the burgeoning kerfuffle that has been developing over whether  whether Legend of Tarzan’s Jane, Margot Robbie, is really 25 like she claims — or if she is conning everyone and is actually 31 as Jezebel among others have accused. Insignificant showbiz b.s., you say?  Nay.   This is very, very, serious stuff as it goes to the integrity and honor of, well, Jane Porter. Let’s review the charges, the evidence, and if justified, we shall come to the rescue of Margot …. er, wait, can’t do that, she’s not a damsel in distress.  But anyway, we shall evaluate and adjudicate.

The Charges

The whispers have been out the for some time, but on Friday, Jezebel published an article entitled No Offense to Anyone But Margot Robbie is Not 25.  Written by none other than Bobby Finger, the article’s main piece of evidence is summarized by Mr. Finger thusly:

In June of 2008, The Sydney Morning Herald had a few things to say about an up-and-coming actress named Margot Robbie. They wrote:

The fresh crop of Neighbours actors was in Sydney yesterday. One of the newest, Margot Robbie, had her first appearance on air on Monday, playing a groupie with stalker tendencies. The 23-year-old actress from the Gold Coast opted to attend a Sex And The City: The Movie screening instead of staying home to watch the episode.

That Margot Robbie was a 23-year-old actress in 2008 and a 25-year-old actress in 2016 could mean one of two things: either she’s only aged two years since the first Sex and the City movie entered theaters, or she’s 30 years old, soon 31. On Wikipedia, her birthday is listed as July 2, 1990, as it is on IMDB, however, please note the caveat:

 The Evidence

However, there are multiple indications in Australian media that would appear to cause a fairminded reader to doubt  the cited Sydney Morning Herald piece.

First, there is an April 2007 Gold Coast Bulletin piece found by Huffpo citing “Budding stars rise high for film debut” hyping up the talent of some local teens and citing Robbie’s age as 16 in 2007 — which corresponds to her birthdate of 1990.

TAKE note of these faces because it won’t be long before you could be seeing them on the big screen.  Gold Coast teens Christian Radford, Margot Robbie and James Dean have the three lead roles in a feature film, ICU, to be filmed at Broadbeach in July.

But better than that is this article  dated June 7, 2008, entitled “Meet Your Daredevil Neighbor Margot Robbie:

NEW Neighbours stunner Margot Robbie is making sure her 18th birthday this Wednesday is one to remember – by jumping out of a plane.

The self-confessed daredevil is going to make sure this milestone is one to remember.

She will take advantage of a two-week break in filming to go home to the Gold Coast and celebrate the big day with her boyfriend and her best mate.

“I have always planned to jump out of a plane on my 18th,” she said.

“The three of us are going to jump out of a plane in the morning and then we are going to watch the (Rugby League) State of Origin final.”

Now …. is it possible that when all this was happening, Robbie was really 25 posing as 18 in her home region where people knew her and could easily check?

Well, anything is possible.

But, using not just a preponderance of evidence standard — but going all the way to “beyond a reasonable doubt” . . . .  the verdict is:


She’s 25.

Eat yer hearts out, haters.


PS … although not directly relevant to the issue of MR’s age — the rest of the “daredevil” article is worth giving a read.  Young 18 year old Ms. Robbie was quite a character:

Robbie has been in Melbourne for five months and is settling in well, although she doesn’t know if she will ever get used to the icy weather.

She has been living in the family home of co-star Caitlin Stacey, whose parents are overseas.

“Everyone has been really nice in helping me settle in,” she said.

“Jackie Woodburn (who plays Susan) even made myself and Caitlin a roast last night to make sure we were getting our nutrients.

“It is probably a good thing because I think we have cooked about three times in the last five weeks and the rest of the time we have lived on take-away.”

This week she signed the lease on a flat in South Yarra and is now in the process of setting it up.

“So far I have a mattress on the floor and that is it,” she said.

“Next on my list is a fridge.”

She said working on the long-running soap was everything she had hoped for.

“I love it, I have always loved acting, and Neighbours is the show that everyone loves and has been around forever,” she said.

“Everyone keeps expecting me to a launch a singing career because I am on Neighbours but I can safely say that it is not going to happen,” she said.

“My singing voice sounds all right to me in the shower but that is where it is going to stay.”

For her 19th birthday Robbie plans to bungee jump out of a helicopter.


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