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Legend of Tarzan IMAX Trailer Reveals New Footage

ERBDOM, Legend of Tarzan (Movie)

New IMAX trailer for legend of Tarzan is a 3 minute version of Trailer 2 that includes additional footage and a very grand, emotionally laden feel. The sequence of Kala finding Tarzan is expanded considerably in this version, and other shots that we’v seen previously are lengthened. Very nice.


  • The color grading looks a lot different than the second trailer as well though it looks like they were probably still tweaking it/working on it when this trailer was made.

    • The color grading has been very different in every subsequent trailer. And we should be forewarned, trailers DO NOT represent the final color scheme of the film, trailers can be very misrepresentative of how colors will look in the movie proper when we see it on a big screen.

      Something I saw they did in this trailer is that they went for a warmer faded look for the flashback scene with the apes discovering and raising Tarzan and then switched to a cooler saturated color scheme for the present day story of the film.

      I think this might have been a way to clue in the audience that this is NOT a origin story and the origin is quickly recounted in flashback and then the story starts from London.

  • This is straight up the second trailer with added footage of the flashback scene when Tarzan is a child. That’s the only new footage. There is no new footage from the story proper.

    This is a good thing and a bad thing. Bad thing for us fans who want to see more of what they’ve got in store. But good thing from a marketing point of view that the film is still holding back a lot of great material than can potentially surprise audiences in the cinemas.

    It’s not a rule, but films which don’t give away the entire movie in the trailer tend to well with audience word of mouth because they feel surprised.

    • I agree 100% with everything you’ve said. It drives me crazy when they give the whole movie away, especially a major plot point or surprise twist. Why go to the movie? I really like that they’re holding back on the savage Tarzan. If they do it right, crossing my fingers here, when Tarzan goes truly feral the audience should be fearful. This is the Jekyll and Hyde aspect of Tarzan that I try to explain to non-fans of ERB. In the books any civilized person that witnesses Tarzan’s transformation watches in horror as he completely destroys whoever or whatever he’s fighting. Alexander Skarsgard has described Tarzan’s state of mind as thinking of himself as an animal, so I’m hoping that this in one of the big reveals.

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