• First he said he filmed all his scenes in UK, so I assume his jungle scenes were in studio or CGI and already there is too much CGI from what I’ve seen in the previews. Is it going to look like The Lord of the Rings movies? Also his attitude seems to be, “Well, it’s a Tarzan movie. We don’t take it that seriously, do we?” I’ve had misgivings about the casting all around. Christoph Walz is already a cliche, giving the same performance in every film. Skaarsgard looks kind of anemic for Tarzan. I would also say David Yates doesn’t seem like the right director for this film. This isn’t Harry Potter. Why not choose an American action film director? The Brits have a different approach to story telling, milieu and character that would seem at odd with Edgar Rice Burroughs. I know I’ll be called a “hater” for saying it but I smell TURKEY. I’d love it if I were wrong.

    • The entire film was actually shot at Leavesden Studios in the UK. Just read all those set reports that have come out yesterday that have been posted here on this site. They had giant sets where they recreated the jungle, villages, a river, a waterfall, almost everything. David Yates went to Gabon with a crew and shot lots of stuff like establishing shots and plates for CGI etc. but the actual filming was done in London.

      As for SLJ’s comments, SLJ believes movies are mainly meant for entertainment. That has always been his view. He always says that he watches movies for entertainment and only acts in movies he thinks he would have watched (as a kid or as an adult etc.) I don’t agree with his opinion but he’s entitled to it.

      I would say David Yates is one of the best mainstream directors around today and is a far better director than most of the people working on the Marvel movies and other mainstream action films. As for why they didn’t go for an American director, the film is mainly a UK production, I believe, which is why it was all done in the UK. Also, Yates has a good relationship with WB and probably another director might not have worked out. Let’s not forget that this film was in developmental hell for a decade or more and several writers and directors came and went and it wasn’t until Yates signed on that it actually got made.

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