Hozier Music Video

Hozier’s ‘Better Love’ Music Video With Lots of New Legend of Tarzan Footage

ERBDOM, Legend of Tarzan (Movie)

The Hozier “Better Love” Video contains a great deal of new material.  The new material brings with it some emotional impact that has been, well, not much of a focus in the promotion to date.


  • I do like the way they have pivoted from check out all the action this film has to, oh yeah, at it’s heart this is really a romance story. Now to get enough people aware that this exists…hopefully the stellar reviews that will start rolling out soon will up the buzz.

  • I knew this emotional content was there( no point in casting Skarsgard unless it is nor would it have attracted his interest if it wasn’t). I thought they were avoiding putting it in the trailers because the younger generations would screw up there noses and start blathering about ” EMO Tarzan” and “where did the kick ass hero go”? This song and video are a smart way to approach this content after they’ve already impressed their target audience with all the action and abs, and attaching it to their theme song gives it a separate place to exist- a love song . One that is more acceptable and makes it easier to digest. Now, to get it out there.

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