• Very nice! For me, even these behind the scenes clips are exciting. SLJ seems to have put on a bit of weight since I last saw him in KINGSMAN and he might be a bit more subdued in this part — not so over the top. Has anyone asked Alexander how his bare feet held up during the shooting, or do they use some sort of prosthetic to cover them? Margo Robbie is a dear in that last clip and I’ll be so happy to see a competent, resourceful Jane. Anyone who has read the books knows that she is NOT a frail and fainting Ann Darrow type (though I give Ms Darrow beaucoup points for staying alive and having some empathy throughout the ordeal). Only one week to go!!!

    • Regarding the bare feet, I believe from a couple of IG/Twitter pics from other cast members posted during filming they are indeed wearing a clear foot covering to protect their feet.

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