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After Upgrade/Finalization — Legend of Tarzan Global Gross Moves Up From $309M to $311M

Legend of Tarzan Box Office

The weekend actuals are in and Legend of Tarzan has been upgraded globally from $309M to $311M.  Domestic actuals were $2.467M in spite of screens dropping from 2,844 on Thursday to 1,503 for the weekend.  Meanwhile, international weekend totals were $22.8M.

Here is the full foreign report from Deadline:

Warner Bros actioner/romance addedGermany ($2M), Japan ($1.5M) and the UAE ($1.6M) this frame, swinging to a total session of $22.8M in 64 markets. The international cume to date on the Alexander Skarsgard-starrer is $189.5M. China, where the David Yates-helmed pic secured a rare July release for a Hollywood movie, had a second weekend of $5.7M on 3,000 screens for a total of $41.4M. It was No. 3 in the Middle Kingdom for the frame, behind new opener League Of Gods and Jackie Chan/Johnny Knoxville-starrer Skiptrace. China is the top market on the movie while Brazil and Spain had good holds. In Brazil, Tarzan has cumed $7.6M and was No. 1 again this weekend; in Spain the No. 2 movie has a cume of $4.3M after the weekend.

The big issue now — how much gas is left in the tank, both domestically and foreign.  On the domestic side, our projections, which should be pretty accurate at this point, have it ending around $130-132M, so figure $10M more from domestic. What about foreign? It’s now been released in all the foreign territories, most recently in Germany and Japan. Is there enough still out there to get to $400M?

Stay tuned . . . .


One thought on “After Upgrade/Finalization — Legend of Tarzan Global Gross Moves Up From $309M to $311M

  • I am afraid it won’t get much more domestic. My local theater no longer has any showings of it this week. But I love how well it did when you think early box office predictions were as low as $50 million domestic. Now $125,000?? Million Puts it among the better earners this year. And since I don’t buy that HR budget number, I still think it could very well be profitable for WB at some point. Will be interesting to see the final numbers.

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