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Conflict with the studio

Very interesting interview with David Yates here describing his relationship with the studios (WB in this case). This is from a Q&A at The Phil (University Philosophical Society in Dublin, Ireland) where he received a gold medal from them. At about 38:00 in the video, someone asks him about his relationship with the studios and he talks about how it's always been good but it was a bit different on "The Legend of Tarzan" and the feeling I got from it was that there was definitely some conflict with the studio (gives credence to those rumors) but he got to make the movie he wanted (for the most part). He says he's always pushed back whenever a studio has tried to push him and has always had a clear idea of what he wanted in any film.

The questions are mostly Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts related so skip to 38:00 again to hear him talk about the studios, but the whole thing is really nice: