Michael D. Sellers

Hello Everyone,

Both The John Carter Files and The Tarzan Files are independent web resources for the purposes of commentary and criticism and they are not produced, endorsed, or sponsored by ERB Inc, Warner Brothers, or anyone else.  This is not an official publication of either of those entities.

As for the “mission” — I am a lifelong fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs and am hopeful that his legacy will continue on for another century.  In that sense, this is a “fan” site that will promote the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs through responsible commentary and criticism.  When it comes to adaptations (like Disney John Carter or Warner Brothers’ Legend of Tarzan) the sites fluctuate between being a cheerleader for the adaptation when I feel that good, intelligent decisions are being made — and “holding them accountable” for poor decisions.  It is for this last reason that it is important for me that the site remains “independent” because while I am grateful to both  Warner Brothers and Disney for making the investment they have, and to ERB Inc. for working on behalf of the legacy — I won’t follow any of them over a cliff and feel a need to preserve the right to be critical (always in defense of ERB’s legacy)  if I need to be.  I hasten to add that in the case of ERB, Inc, I’ve had nothing but favorable experiences if I did perceive there to be problems in their administration of the estate, I would be more likely to engage in backchannel diplomacy than open criticism.

Until I think of a better explanation for what I’m trying to do, this will have to suffice.

Thanks for stopping by!