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Box Office Actuals Are In — Legend of Tarzan Upgraded Again from from $45.5M to $46.6M

Legend of Tarzan Box Office

The pattern of Legend of Tarzan being repeatedly upgraded from estimate to actual has continued, as Warner Brothers has now confirmed the actuals for the weekend and they are higher than the estimates. The upgrade is from $38.1M Fri-Sun to 38.5M Fri-Sun, and from $45.5M Fri-Mon to $46.6M for the four day weekend. The July 4 Monday came in a full million above estimates — performing at $8M for the day against studio estimate of $7M. This is usually — and appears to be in this case — a sign of good word of mouth causing the day to day estimates to fall short as the film picks up steam.

I did a screenshot of the estimates as of this morning — and now the actuals — and combined them into one graphic. Here it is. It shows where the additional came in — basically Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were all adjusted upward.
Legend of Tarzan First Weekend

UPDATE:  Deadline is out with its final report.  Nothing new — here is their link. 


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