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“They’re Singing the Legend of Tarzan” — by Youtuber Captain Bucky

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Very nice video by YouTuber Captain Bucky which is well worth a look.  A lot of passion and talent went into making this one.

YouTube Intro by Captain Bucky

Published on Aug 3, 2016

A little passion project 🙂 Really adore this film! And I found such an amazing and moving instrumental piece to go with it :’)  Please watch in HD all the way to the end, preferably on a smaller screen… I promise it’s worth it!!!


Congrats, Captain Bucky! And thanks to Mark DeLameter for finding it.


  • This clip really highlights the lyrical and poetic aspects of this film which makes it a very moving emotonaly resonate experience. It still irks me that so many critics could not see this aspect. I saw and felt them ,very clearly, as the film played out on the big screen. Obviously,so did a lot of the rest of us,world wide. Perhaps the critics didn’t have the sensibilities, similar to being tone deaf, or they weren’t paying enough attention. Maybe they were more caught up in their own pre judgements and expectations but not only did they miss a truly beautiful cinematic experience but they might have cost the rest of us another such experience. Meanwhile I am grateful to Captain Bucky for having captured these moments and weaving them together to create such a moving and eloquent statement of the LOL for others to see and appreciate.

  • One of my favorite films ever, let alone favorite Tarzan film. I have a draft review in the works. In it I talk about “moments” in a film based on a beloved work, like Harry Potter or LOTR. This film is filled with such moments and Captain Bucky has captured them all in a beautiful little piece. Thank you. Watching this took me right back through the film and lifted my spirits once again.

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