Hells Benders at ECOF 2017

Cathy Wilbanks’ Reports: Edgar Rice Burroughs Chain of Friendship — ECOF 2017 Day 1 Update


Overall it has been an exciting Day One at the ECOF 2017 here in Texas. I’m still adjusting to my new job title o Vice President of Operations, hoping that I can fulfill the expectations. I’ve always had my radar out looking and searching for new opportunities to explore, but even moreso, on some level it feels like a treasure hunt that never ends. I had so many folks congratualate me and some saything they thought it would have happened a few years ago — but hey, I’m STILL YOUNG and overall am feeling blessed an dhappy to have achieved it. Life is good, and thank you to all who have given me this wonderful opportunity.

Really love catching up with everyone, these events feel like a family reunion on many levels because I have been attending them so long.

Here are today’s pix:


Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 9.45.29 PM


Natasha and Jim Gerlach, Editor of Edgar Rice Burroughs, the Bibliography by Bob Zeuschner

Amy Zachek and Thomas Zachek, author of The Tarzan Trilogy

Buddy Sanders and Judy Sanders, Author Tarzan and the Cannibal King and Martian Legion

Bob Zeuschner, Author of Edgar Rice Burroughs, the Bibliography, and Lindy Zeuschner

Ann Robinson, Author of the newest book — Tarzan: The Greystoke Legacy Under Siege

Lee Strong, Author, Soldier of Poloda


Camille Cazedessus, longtime fan of ERB and writer at Pulpdom.com


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