Reel Rejects Review and Discussion of Legend of Tarzan Trailer

Legend of Tarzan (Movie)

Very interesting 12 minute discussion of Legend of Tarzan trailer by two pretty popular YouTube reviewers (355,000 subscribers).  This is a review as opposed to reaction – -meaning they are discussing the trailer and the movie after having seen the trailer.  One of them mentions several times “I’ve heard this is closer to the books” but can’t remember who wrote the books.  I think for all of us who come to this from a deep knowledge of the books — this is a good opportunity for insight into how “influencer” media who aren’t knowledgable about the books or even much of the movie history are looking at this.


Also, in case you missed it (I posted it earlier), here is their Legend of Tarzan Trailer Reaction video.



  • Well Dotar, one of the ways that they are looking at it is to get stoned and then riff on what tiny bits of knowledge they have about the story, the characters, the setting, the tech, etc. without bothering to do any research whatsoever before they lay their erudition on us with whatever other trips come to mind before they run out of things to say. They are getting off on being “YouTube personalities” that’s for sure. As far as “influencer media” goes, ghod help the studio that puts their marketing money on these kinds of opinions.

    Certainly, Hollywood and real movie fans are aware of Tarzan movies since the 1930s, even if they might not have ever read a book, much less a Tarzan book. But I suppose that one of the things you’re trying to make us aware of is that the “butts in the seat” movie cash comes from people who don’t know anything at all and just want to see a “cool” movie. Well, maybe that’s all we’ll get. We just won’t know until the film hits the screen.

    • “But I suppose that one of the things you’re trying to make us aware of is that the “butts in the seat” movie cash comes from people who don’t know anything at all and just want to see a “cool” movie.”

      Unfortunately — yes. If you’re going to target a niche like “real movie fans” then you can’t spend $180m because there aren’t enough real movie fans (the kind you’re talking about) to fill enough seats to make that a reasonable investment proposition. Big budget would-be blockbusters have to reach people just like thee two, and their references are quite different from yours or mine. That’s one of the reasons I find it pretty fascinating to watch them in action. These guys are your “average 2015 moviegoer” with a bit more of an ability to articulate what they look for and what they see. . . . . . . I know it’s a bit annoying but …well…. “it is what it is”…..

      That doesn’t mean that the promotion can’t, or should not, try to educate the audience about the heritage of the movie. But they do need to grab the audiences’s attention with stuff that they can relate to . . . .and they’ve done that pretty well with this first trailer.

  • These two do give a pretty accurate read on the type of viewers who will put ” cash in the seats”. They don’t read,explore or investigate anything. They function on visual clues given in trailers to create vague impressions. Those impressions are what influence them to go to a theater and see a movie vs. waiting for it on video media or not at all. That’s why,in today’s world,the success of a big budget movie is directly tied to the marketing and the buttons it pushes with the target audience. So far,the first trailer seems to be pushing the right buttons since it has created interest and started a diologue. I am hoping that future trailers generate even more interest and buzz. I want to see more Tarzan adventures in a series of movies not only because I love the whole Tarzan concept but because there is such a glut of comic book heroes that, IMO ,we could use a break to experience adventure in a different world and through a different perspective.

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