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Tarzan Getting Bloodier by the Day?

Legend of Tarzan (Movie), Tarzan and Hollywood

“Finishing touches” or photoshop gone wild?    I just took a trip over to Warner Brothers UK for their write-up on the London Presscon and Q and A, and lo and behold, there on the official WB site is a version of the now-familiar image of Tarzan and Jane — but with a liberal application of dried blood to Tarzan’s shoulder.   The new image is the one at the head of this article. For reference, here is the old image — taken from WB’s IMDB Pro page for the movie, so it’s the official one.    I like the bloodier version. . . .which, as some are suggesting, may have been the original with photo-shop accounting for the cleaned up version, rather than vice versa. Either way, the official publicity still released in the US was clean, and only now, in some of the foreign WB outlets, we’re beginning to see the bloody one.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.54.50 AM



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