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NPR Summer Movie Preview’s Take on Legend of Tarzan

Legend of Tarzan (Movie)

NPR is out with a Summer Movie Preview podcast that predicts doom and gloom for Legend of Tarzan, saying that it has the DNA of John Carter, etc….posting it here for the record and so that people who want to go there and comment on it will know where to go. The part on LOT starts at 26 minutes in.

Thanks to Mike Poteet for the tip on this one.


  • Sigh….he gave no real reason for his prediction, other than it’s “old fashion” and it cost $180million to make. I find it so aggravating.

    Anyhoo, I made my comment. Hopefully, there’ll be more to counter his comments.

    • Then he’s just ill-informed ….. those arguments were common but have diminished greatly since the first trailer was released. Sounds like he didn’t bother to look at either of the trailers.

      • That’s one thing I have difficulty understanding and I really, really don’t get – a lot of these so-called film critics or journalists or whatever don’t seem to actually have watched the trailers for this movie. This guy says he “may or may not have” seen the trailers, that Collider guy hadn’t seen any trailers until the CinemaCon, and therefore, all of these people are completely oblivious to the reaction/reception those trailers got, and because the movie’s not really on their “radar,” they probably haven’t even bothered to check any of the other positive buzz, ranging from the studios themselves giving the film their vote of confidence to the CinemaCon report by Variety saying it received a lot of applause and that it was one of the “hotter” movies coming out of CinemaCon (THR, cunningly, simply mentioned that LOT is “a big question mark” for the studio in their CinemaCon report and made no mention of its reception/response whatsoever).

        They don’t do any research whatsoever unless it’s a movie they’re interested in ahead of time.

  • Yes ,it’s very aggravating. He denigrates it by calling it a “little” movie ,although he knows full well it’s not judging by the budget alone ,that he keeps emphasizing as a key component in its downfall,it’s bound to be a big picture,epic even ( words used by the cast,the diector,producer and even by those who commented on the trailers.responders . He talks about it as if it were a live action version of a silly cartoon,( he mentions Pogo and others) so he obviously knows nothing about the ERB Tarzan.

    As far as his use of “old fashion” to tie Tarzan to other boondoggles such as The Lone Ranger, John Carter and Pan( which doesn’t even remotely fit as ” old fashioned) even though even he admits that other old fashioned stories have been quite successful. He ,obviously wanted to tie LOL to other flops and didn’t care how illogical his toe in was. John Carter,The Lone Ranger and Pan didn’t fail because they were examples of old fashioned storytelling. In fact, the Lone Ranger was the furthest thing from old fashioned storytelling . Rather it was a Johnny Depp quirky Tonto tale that showcased his abilities to create oddball characters.. Some of those work and some don’t. Obviously this one failed to strike the right note with the public. Pan flopped because IMO it was too overblown,overly theatrical and bombastic for it”s target audience. John Carter fell victim to a series of mishaps, not least of which, was a failure to market it correctly. None of these failings are about being ” old fashioned”. There’s nothing wrong with old fashioned storytelling or settings if done correctly.

    Next comes the reference to Jungle Book and how that film is so impressive because they used animation for the animals and shot the rest in a studio but it Looks like a seamless whole that looks realistic as well as sumptuous and rich. So much so,that surely LOT will suffer in comparison. Little does this nit wit know that Yates also used animation for the animals in LOL and it too shot in a studio in England.One that had two air plane hanger size sets that were filled with real jungle trees, plants, vines and other vegetation.They even had a waterfall. They used a real life trapeze artist to do the vine swinging stunts not CGI so those shots will be realistically impressive. I think LOT is more than up to the comparison.

    This commentator,without a shred of evidence or rationale closes his hack job with his belief that between BFG and the 3rd Purge installment LOL will be buried by the competition.

    It’s really pathetic that these naysayers can’t come up with any legitimate reasons to predict the failure of LOT. They seem to be too lazy to form their own enquiries or even have their own thoughts and impressions. They simply want to follow the lead of that article in THR that talked about LOL being in trouble because of its huge budget and David Yate’s divided attention. Here, we get to hear once again about the budget but since there hasn’t been a change of release date and the film is all but completed naysayers have to resort to things like ” old fashioned” and can’t keep up with the competition to justify their unfounded position.

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