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Legend of Tarzan’s Box Office Result is Upgraded Yet Again to $38.5M thru Sun and $45.5M thru Monday

Legend of Tarzan Box Office

Deadline is now reporting as of 8:13AM PDT Monday that Tarzan’s Friday-Sunday Box Office Gross reached $38.47M and the Friday-Monday is now projected to reach “$45.5M to $48M”.   This is the third upgrade and there is room for one more after the actuals are in on Monday.  Meanwhile, the projection for Finding Dory for the 4day weekend is $49.7M.  Is it possible that Legend of Tarzan will actually overtake Finding Dory and “win the weekend” by the time the actuals are in for all four days?  Keep in mind that coming into the weekend, Legend of Tarzan was projected in mid-twenties to $30M, and Dory was projected around $50M.  So that would be a huge upset.  Even coming close, though, LOT has far exceeded expectations.

Box Office Mojo has Legend of Tarzan at $38.505M for Fri-Sun and is projecting $45.565M for the 4 day run.

UPDATE:  There’s an international update as well. WB has it’s actuals for international, and they have upgraded from yesterday’s estimate of $18.8M to an actual of $19.3 — to the “upgrade” trend continues, both domestically and internationally.



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