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Legend of Tarzan Crosses $300M in Global Box Office; Now Stands at $309M

Legend of Tarzan (Movie), Legend of Tarzan Box Office

Legend of Tarzan logged a solid $2.4M on its fifth weekend, bringing its domestic total to $121.9M with a likely end point in the low $130M.  Meanwhile, globally,  the WB film has crossed $300M threshold, becoming the 16th film of the year to do so with a global total to date of $309.1.  It remains to be seen whether there is enough gas left in the tank for the film to reach $400M globally,

For those watching for a possible sequel — think of it this way.  LOT has done well enough to justify, theoretically, a $150M sequel. The problem is, the first film cost $180m (so they tell us) …..

(Click here for more about how to calculate profitabiity.)

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