Cathy Wilbanks Reports: ERB Fans Converge on the the Annual ERB Dum Dum Gathering in Morris, Illinois

ERBDOM, Tarzan

by Cathy Wilbanks

Hi Everybody — Dum Dum 2016 is off and running at the Quality Inn in Morris, Illinois.    Here is the schedule, followed by Huckster Room Pics. Enjoy and come join us if you can!  [Update with more photos added at 4PM Thursday.]

Thursday, Aug. 4:
* 10 a.m.: Registration starts in the dealers room or as soon as table setup is finished.
* 3 p.m.: Guest of Honor Robert Garcia will interview Jim Sullos, president of ERB Inc., on publishing being done by the company
* 4 p.m.: Author Michael Hatt will give a presentation on ERB’s association with Coldwater, Mich., and the research he has done on his book “Tarzan Slept Here: Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Coldwater Connection”
* 8 p.m.: Joint meeting of Chicago Muckers and National Capital Panthans
Friday, Aug. 5:
* Noon: Christopher Paul Carey will discuss the Opar novels he has continued from Philip Jose Farmer
* 1 p.m.: Guest of Honor Mike Resnick, Q-and-A kaffeeklatch
* 2 p.m.: Talk by GoH Bob Garcia on art used in ERB stories
* 4 p.m.: Burroughs Bibliophiles Auction
* 8 p.m.: Burroughs Bibliophiles Board meeting

Saturday, Aug. 6:
* 1 p.m.: Talk by Doug Ellis on ERB’s works in the pulp magazines
* 2 p.m.: Reading by GoH Mike Resnick
* 3 p.m.: Author Michael A. Sanford will discuss his book “Tarzan on the Precipice” being published by ERB Inc.
* 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.: Banquet in Maria’s Italian Restaurant, 1591 Division
Our speakers include GoHs Mike Resnick, Bob Garcia, Jan Novak Dressel and others

Sunday, Aug. 7:
* 6 a.m. and on: Farewell breakfast in the breakfast room of the Quality Inn until the room closes. Guests not staying in the Quality Inn but wish to join us will be asked to pay a $5 fee to cover the cost of their breakfast. Thank you!

Huckster Room Pics


Our hosts Joan Bledig and John Tyner


With Guests of Honor Douglas Klauba and Bob Garcia — and Jim Sullos


With guest of honor Douglas Klauba

Henry Frank with the new Summer 2015 Burroughs Bulletin. The art was done by Amber Vuilleumier who is a high school student in Connecticut. She won a contest at last year’s Dum dum with this art. Inside you can see embedded images about Tarzan. How many can you find?

With another Guest of Honor Bob Garcia and Jim Sullos


With Tarzan Slept Here Author Michael A. Hatt.  Book is about the forgotten connection between ERB and Coldwater, Michigan. Check it out on Facebook.


John Tyner and Michael Hatt from the Panthans.

IMG_53181 IMG_53171

Ray LeBeau


Tarzan and Jane, aka Bill and Sue Hillman


Sharon and Author Michael A. Sanford


Author Michael A. Sanford and his novel Tarzan on the Precipice



With Mike Resnick and Joan Bledig


Greg Phillips wants this rare treasure.


Mike Conran shares 3-D Tarzan picture cards that contained bulbblegum. The images were from Tarzan the Savage Fury and Tarzan and the She Devil


Larry Burrows shares his oldest treasure …. Ice cream Tarzan cup advertisements from the 1930’s.

IMG_53311 IMG_53331

Bill Wagner with his famous Guest Book.

IMG_53301 (1)

Rudy Sigmund with a print from Frank Reyes who did some DC issues.  He likes it because it includes the scar on Tarzan’s forehead.


David Willoughby holds his most interesting Tarzan treasure …. It is a coloring book published by Whitman in 1952.

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