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Legend of Tarzan Reaches $354.6M Global Gross; Stands at 1.97x as its straings to reach 2x Budget

Legend of Tarzan Box Office

Another week, another few million in global box office for Legend of Tarzan. The film now stands at $354.6M globally, which is 1.97x budget — just short of the “bragging right” threshold of 2x budget that Hollywood tends to use as a threshold for success in evaluating performances. Clearly at 1.97x, Legend of Tarzan has substantially achieved the 2x goal — but it would certainly feel better for all concerned if it could actually get there, rather than fall just short.  This week, a total of $2M was added, after $5.3M the previous week.

The theater count dropped on Friday from 338 to 288 — which isn’t too bad, considering where we are in the run.  Weekend numbers were $300k, and the previous full week was a little over $500k.  Depending on how long the long tail is — we could be looking at another $1m or so from domestic.

Here is the full domestic chart, weekend by weekend.

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On the foreign side, the theater count is dropping pretty rapidly.  Out of 40 foreign territories exhibited, only five are still alive.   It’s hard to see more than another $1m or so unless there’s a surprise pocket remaining  in foreign that I’m not seeing.

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  • I’m just taking heart in the fact that the film has pulled decent numbers and has shown up all those sneering that it’d be a Pan-sized flop since the teaser debuted. I wish it had done better, had been able to push ahead just a bit more to $430 million or so, but considering the critics weren’t really on its side, I still think this is okay. At any rate, it has struck something with an audience. Which I think pushes back against the claims of Tarzan’s irrelevance in contemporary society.

  • Half of those foreign numbers seem to still, today, show only up to August 14th? At least that is what is shown as the dates under Total Gross / As Of in Foreign Total. Can that be right? Considering that those are mostly from countries which have the higher grosses how much difference might it make when they finally get reported on BOM?

    • Yes, but…… the total reflects what BOM thinks is the current total up to last Friday. So . . .. there is a discrepancy between the individual country totals and the overall total that makes it look like there are pockets that remain when in fact the total figure already takes those pockets into account. Still, it doesn’t mean there couldn’t be a favorable change at the end that gets us an extra $5M. Not out of the question.

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