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Inverse: Why Tarzan Should Go Full Superhero

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Zebbie Watson, writing in Inverse, asks: “Legend of Tarzan looks cool, but why stop there?” — and then goes on to pose some interesting observations about Tarzan and his superhero characteristics.  Check this out:

Tarzan’s superpower is the fusion of his humanity with animal instinct. He not only possesses, but epitomizes the best aspects of each. His (specifically noble) English blood grants him an innate rational and emotional intelligence that allows him to reign superior over the animals he is raised with, teach himself to read (Burroughs objected heavily to the ‘I Tarzan, you Jane’ thing in the 1932 film adaptation), and rejoin proper civilization after years in the jungle. And yet his primitive animal side can be unleashed like a secret identity, ripping open his shirt to reveal the superhero costume that is raw muscle and rage.

There’s more — an interesting read.  Check it out here. 


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