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Has The Time Come For A Tarzan Files Forum? Maybe.

ERBDOM, Legend of Tarzan (Movie)

I have mixed feelings about having a forum here, or on John Carter files, but I’ve finally put one up there so we’ll see what happens. Here is the link to it and you can also find it in the menu.  The reason I haven’t done it previously is that we tend to use the comments sections on the various posts kind of like a forum — so maybe there’s no need.   But the thing that specifically caused me to ahead and install one is this. We’re coming down to the final 45 days of the marketing campaign, and there are a lot of comments about the marketing scattered through the various comments on the various posts. I’m that the commenters who’ve been active in those comments threads will join me over on the forum so that we can have a single running thread about the marketing. I would like to try and capture what’s happening, and when — and compare what’s happening to LOT with what’s happening with it’s competition. For example, I just typed in Legend of Tarzan on Facebook and it said “92,345 people talking about this” …. then I typed in “Independence Day Resurgence” and it said “88,345 people are talking about this.” That’s a nice little factoid that doesn’t warrant a post here — but would be a good forum entry, whether by me or by someone else.

Depending on how things go and how motivated I feel when the film comes out, I am pretty certain that I’m going to undertake  a book — likely “Tarzan and the Gods of Hollywood” — that would trace the struggles of ERB to first get Tarzan on film, then more or less lament the lameness of the 52 movies that followed, and finally end up with a hopefully triumphant account of the behind the scenes production and rollout/release of LOT.  If on the other hand the movie tanks …. well, the ending will be different and the analysis of the marketing may bear more resemblance to what I had to do in John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood.  But I’m hoping no — it won’t be like that.

Do check out the forum and poke your toe in the water.  I’m thinking of regular commenters like the ones listed below and hoping you (and anyone else who wants to) will join in:  Maggiesview, Emcube, BC, WBStreckfus, Deathpartus, Lindie825.  Hopefully there’s enough of a nucleus to get something going over there.

And if as I sometimes fear, there aren’t enough of us to keep it going, well:






  • How do I log in? I have a WordPress blog of my own (a free one) and have been using that email address here for comments but I can’t log in with either my email ID or the WordPress username that I use to log in to my blog. Do I have to register somewhere else separately?

  • I sent an email, as well, but I can’t log in with my WP account, Google, or Twitter. I get an error message when trying to log in with the last two.

  • Having the same problem. I’m going to make it a year end assignment for all my 200+ Algebra students to inform me on any Tarzan promotion sightings. This hopefully will give a feel for what’s happening in Orange County CA.

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