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Media Roundup of Articles on Legend of Tarzan London Press Screening

Legend of Tarzan (Movie)

This is a summary with links of all the articles that are popping up on the Legend of Tarzan London Presscon, Q and A, and Preview Screening.  A lot of them don’t have many comments yet — don’t mean to be a rabble rouser, but it would be really really good for the film if fans would jump on their with positive comments before the snark patrol gets there first. Just sayin’ . . . . How about a pre-emptive strike by those who are rooting the project on?

The Legend of Tarzan creators are already thinking up a sequel

The Legend of Tarzan sneak peek report and Q&A with Margot Robbie, Alexander Skarsgard and David Yates

Legend of Tarzan Preview Screening

The Legend of Tarzan Footage Report and Q&A – Sequel Already in the Works

Slaps, spaghetti and a sequel already in the works: Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard talk Tarzan

London Preview

David Yates discusses possibility of ‘Legend Of Tarzan’ sequel

Legend of Tarzan Footage Reaction — What We Learned


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  • Ugh, the Box Office Theory forums will do anything to be negative about this film. Now they’re posting “insider info” from a “WB anon” on 4chan:

    >ken is out after tarzan flops, pan and bvs were strikes one and two. dude is just biding his time now. i feel a lot of sympathy, he really had a vision for warner bros being home to sophisticated big-budget tentpoles but he has no taste for projects.

    >david yates tried really hard to make tarzan work but the lead just sucks, there’s a reason you don’t see much acting from him in the trailer. doesn’t matter too much to us though since fantastic beasts is a total BLAST


    I’ll take that with a giant handful of salt.

  • Nothing about that sounds very credible. And I think you always have to be suspect of the “insiders” who post on these kinds of threads. How inside could they really be? Catering, janitorial, mailroom?

    • What, you doubt that a WB ‘insider’, especially a presumed highly placed insider, would be posting on 4chan?! /snark

      • Yeah, the Box Office Theory forums just seems to be the biggest hub of negativity as far as LOT is concerned and they just want to be as negative about it as possible. There are very few people (seemingly) apart from me on there trying to be positive about it. I posted all these links and such to the reactions and I got like 4 or 5 responses saying it looks like a flop.

    • OK this is good to hear because FlickeringMyth did mention that a bit of the CGI still seemed rough around the edges:

      Before the screening of this footage and an exclusive Q&A with the principal attendees, moderated by Edith Bowman, David Yates announced that the film is more or less finished, save for the mix, grading and one or two FX shots still pending and half-jokingly said that he wished he could show the whole film.

      • Yes, this article seems to include some additional technical details about the level of completion of special effects, which is good. I liked that David Yates was joking also. It proves he seems very confident and proud about this movie, which is great.

        Regarding the Box Office Theory forums, I have observed some slight shift in the attitude, though they generally seem to retain their pessimistic position.

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