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The Romance of Tarzan (1918)

Tarzan and Hollywood, The Tarzan Films

This second Tarzan film is the continuation of Tarzan of the Apes. It was produced by the National Film Corporation of America and released September 16, 1918, 96 minutes in length. Producer Bill Parsons claimed that since it was in essence the second half of the novel Tarzan of the Apes, there was no need for an additional license from Edgar Rice Burroughs. Not surprisingly, Burroughs saw it differently. Parsons eventually paid burroughs a $2,500 advance and litigation was avoided. The film takes place mostly in America and, contrary to the glowing reviews of Tarzan of the Apes, did not find favor with the critics. Variety called it a “phantom tale badly done” and noted: “picture degenerates into a meller of the veriest sort, the antithesis in fact of of a “western”, nothing more and maybe less.”

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Synopsis from Exhibitor Trade Review
Tarzan, born in the jungle of a white mother and reared by apes, saves the lives of a party of Englishmen who have traveled in search of him after hearing his history from a sailor. Tarzan is believed to be the heir of Lord and Lady Greystoke who lost their lives in the jungle. Clayton who has assumed the title of Lord Greystoke is anxious that the claim benot established as it will mean the loss of his wealth and position. He tells Professor Porter’s daughter, Jane, that he saw Tarzan killed by savages, and teh party sets sail for home, believing Tarzan to be dead. When Tarzan reaches teh shore and discovers thathis beloved mate is gone he is unconsolable and swims to a boat which eventually takes him to American, and lands him near the Porter’s home in California. He breaks into a dance-hall where he wins the admiration of La Belle Odine. Later he resuces Jane from bandits and assumes the station to which he is lawfully entitled. Clayton employs treachery to make Jane lose faith in Tarzan who in despair goes back to the jungle. La Belle Odine explains the treachery to Jane who follows her lover and amid scenes of primeval spledor the two again plight their troth.


Director: Wilfred Lucas
Writers: Edgar Rice Burroughs (novel) ~ Bess Meredyth

Elmo Lincoln ~ Tarzan
Enid Markey ~ Jane
Gordon Griffith ~ Tarzan as a Boy
Thomas Jefferson ~ Professor Porter
Cleo Madison ~ The Other Woman
Clyde Benson ~ Lawyer
Monte Blue ~ Juan
True Boardman ~ Lord Greystoke
John Cook ~ Undetermined Role
Nigel De Brulier ~ Priest
Phil Dunham ~ Englishman
George B. French ~ Binns
Colin Kenny ~ Clayton
Kathleen Kirkham ~ Lady Greystoke
Romance of Tarzan ==

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Romance Poster

Lobby Cards

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(Note the caption and ponder this as an indication of the mentality of the nation at the time the Tarzan books were being written, and the movies were coming out. )

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